Welcome to the epitome of affordable luxury living! Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue, nestled in the heart of Sector 150, Noida, is set to redefine your notion of a dream home. This under-construction marvel by the renowned Samridhi Group promises not just a residence but a lifestyle tailored to your desires.

Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue

About Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue:

Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue stands as a testament to the commitment of Samridhi Group to deliver quality and excellence in the real estate sector. With a successful project already under its belt, the group aims to surpass expectations once again with this upcoming venture.

Key Features and Offerings:

Our focus is on simplicity and clarity, ensuring a seamless experience for our Indian customers. The project boasts a range of essential features, from captivating floor plans to flexible payment plans. Explore the comprehensive Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue Price List, download our easy-to-understand brochure, and catch a glimpse of your future abode through captivating photos.

Why Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue in Sector 150, Noida?

Sector 150 is a prime location, and our RERA-registered society ensures transparency. Project details and vital information are easily accessible through the state RERA portal, offering you peace of mind in your home-buying journey. Trace the project effortlessly using its designated registration number: UPRERAPRJ1746.

A Closer Look at Your Future Home:

Dive into a comprehensive review of Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue, exploring the neighborhood, the quality of construction, and the overall ambience. Anticipate possession by March 2025, and join us in creating a community that goes beyond just residences – it’s a place where dreams take shape.


In conclusion, Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue is not just a housing enclave; it’s a promise of affordable luxury crafted with care. Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or looking to upgrade, this project caters to all. Take the first step toward your dream home—explore, inquire, and envision a future at Samridhi Luxuriya Avenue.